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Looking to add a unique twist to your favorite cocktail or mocktail? Look no further than Curious Juniper’s Orange Vanilla Ginger Syrup, a fantastic ingredient that is sure to add a burst of flavor to any drink.

Made with all-natural ingredients, including tangy oranges, sweet vanilla, and zesty ginger, this syrup offers a complex and balanced flavor profile that is both refreshing and satisfying. With its bold orange flavor, subtle notes of vanilla, and ginger finish, it’s the perfect ingredient for a variety of cocktails and mocktails.

One of the best things about Orange Vanilla Ginger Syrup is its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of drinks, from classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Mai Tais, to refreshing mocktails like orange creamsicles and ginger ale. Here are a few recipe ideas to get you started:

  • Orange Vanilla Ginger Old Fashioned: Combine the syrup with whiskey, bitters, and a splash of soda water for a twist on the classic Old Fashioned that’s both sweet and spicy.
  • Orange Vanilla Ginger Mai Tai: Mix the syrup with rum, lime juice, and orange juice for a tropical Mai Tai with a spicy kick.
  • Orange Vanilla Ginger Creamsicle Mocktail: Combine the syrup with orange juice, cream, and soda water for a non-alcoholic creamsicle that’s both sweet and refreshing.

As a San Diego-based business, Curious Juniper is committed to using local, sustainably sourced ingredients to create their delicious syrups. By supporting their woman-owned business, you can feel good about enjoying a drink made with this fantastic syrup.

So why wait? Add a burst of flavor to your next cocktail or mocktail with Curious Juniper’s Orange Vanilla Ginger Syrup and experience a taste sensation that is sure to delight your taste buds!

“Craft unique cocktails with Curious Juniper’s Orange Vanilla Ginger Not So Simple Syrup – a San Diego-based, woman-owned business using natural ingredients for a flavor explosion.


Available in {Wholesale} 32 ounce bottles for our restaurant and bar partners

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orange+vanilla+ginger {not so} simple syrup

“Discover the perfect balance of sweet and spicy with Curious Juniper’s Orange Vanilla Ginger Not So Simple Syrup – a woman-owned, San Diego-based company that crafts high-quality, all-natural ingredients for the ultimate cocktail experience.”

Color: Light orange with vanilla flecks


Reminiscent of our childhood, this orange+vanilla+ginger {not so} simple syrup gives us creamsicle vibes elevated with the addition of our spicy friend, ginger.

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