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Our values reflect who we are and how we care for the world we live in.


Communicate effectively and care fiercely for the earth and all the lives that live here. 


Provide top quality products with vibrant flavors, and colors to please the senses.


Always being open to learning something new, making good choices for the whole community, and knowing when we need to make adjustments to our way of business.


Working together with inclusivity to showcase and lift up everyone’s unique gifts.


Striving to build trust and respect in our community. We know that trust isn’t given, it’s earned. We do our best to contribute to the protection of the earth and the people who live here.

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Creating a globally conscious brand that understands the impact it has on the world. Giving back to the people and the planet.

Creating social awareness within our business systems, joining climate awareness initiatives, offsetting manufacturing and delivery omissions, sourcing ingredients responsibly, and protecting our environment as best as possible.

Knowing that even small decisions can impact the wellness of mother earth.

As we move forward developing our brand and the direction we see our company moving, we felt it was important to state our intentions for our company. How do we set ourselves apart?

Our brand is more than just creating complex/full flavored {Not So} Simple Syrups, but it’s in the way we plan to navigate our business.

DM us for information on how to bring into your bar, restaurant or specialty store once our products go live.

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San Diego’s First Craft {Not So} Simple Syrup Company

When we set our to create our {Not So} simple craft syrups we had no idea that no one else in San Diego was paving the way for us. We know now that the honor of being the first will not be taken lightly. We will work hard to continue to bring you balanced and full flavor syrups to add to cocktail and mocktail recipes.

Don’t stop with your drinks, add these syrups to your cooking recipes and don’t be surprised when they become your go to addition to spicing up your favorite meals.